All Digital Session - $150

Your entire photo session is now shot entirely in color and digital, and you will be able to view your proofs online soon after. Two photos of your choice will receive basic retouching and be sized at 81/2 x 11 @ 300dpi, which is generally acceptable for labs which produce quantity prints from digital files. These two shots will be in color. The lab can convert any shots on the disk to black and white easily.

We are experts with performers headshots and can help create many "looks" for you, including character. Bring many changes of clothes, but be aware that there may not be a private place to change on a location shoot.

Avoid very light colors and strong patterns. Dark sweaters are a classic look. Ike Turner & IkettesSince digital sessions are all color, there is really no reason to go with black and white, although a quantity print lab will print them that way if you wish. We want you to be happy with your photos and will reshoot if you are not, however, we reserve the right to reshoot only if the session is flawed technically.

After the shoot you will receive an email which will have the URL of your proofsheet on our website. You can look them over and email or call me with your selections. If you wish, I will put your name on the print along with representation or union affiliation.

You will get two prints and 2 CDROMs. The first CDROM will have copies of your final prints cropped and labeled as desired. They will be suitable for reproductions. Take this CD to a reproduction lab to get your prints for distribution.

The second CD will have a copy of your proofsheet exactly as it appears on our website. You can order more prints from it at any time.

Kids session $100. Children 12 years and under usually don't sit for as long of a session, so I photograph them at a lower cost than adults.

ELECTRONIC RETOUCHING $30.00 Electronic retouching is the new way to go. Simple retouching and the addition of your name (and union affiliation or representation, if desired) to the print are included in the service.

Dallas RainesCOMPOSITES $45.00 Composites are available from your shoot. Setup electronically with your photos (3-5 recommended) and whatever message you wish, you will get a paper draft for approval and a final print plus CDROM. I generally work only with digital photos I have shot. Allow a week for this service.

NOTES: Payment in full is expected at the time of the shooting. Negatives remain our property. We don't have a waiting room, so for the sake of privacy and proper concentration, please leave unnecessary onlookers at home.

If a purported talent agent seeks to send you to a particular photographer for pictures, what should you do? Hold your wallet tight and run for the nearest exit. Chances are he's phoney and he makes his money by splitting the photographer's fee. If you need photographs, choose your own photographer. Better still, try another agent. But don't pay anything in advance. -FTC & SAG

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